Friday, June 18, 2010


The other night,
I pulled up behind my racism
on a one-way North Philadelphia street
I tried to dodge this force,
I tried to go around it,
idle next to it
I crashed right into my racism
on a one-way street in North Philadelphia
the sound like crashing metal and glass,
the solid materials of my fear.

Not sure how I ended up there,
in it's clutches
lost. exposed. off track.
at the mercy of this pull
My racism is a force,
I can't deny it. cover it.
It pulled up there,
surprised by itself.

no road-side assistance
gonna fix this one.
fight or flight,
I wanted to escape the pressure
I pulled into a one-way street,
found myself blocked by my racism,
and ran over it.
Two African American men approached
I was left with no denial
just glare.

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