Sunday, June 6, 2010

Writing in Secret

This blinking cursor, that broken pen...obstacles to my Writing. Yeah, right, just Write. Write. Do it.

Do I really need a MFA in Creative Writing? No matter how "low barrier?"
I need to just write. To Write.

I keep my writing in the top drawer of the mahogany bureau in my bedroom. Not literally. There are no pages there, no words. But, somehow my writing is stored there. Far enough away, secret, safe.

I need to stop this kind of writing. And just WRITE. OUT LOUD. This isn't some secret addiction, this writing. Writing is a cupboard full of food stuffs, necessary to keep on going. Writing is my nutrition, my expedition, my coming to fruition. At least a completion. Right?

I have a million beginnings and middles. no ends. not yet.

Write. Write. Just write already.

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