Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Move Along

I have been sick since Friday night when I returned from work at 10 PM. It is Tuesday late afternoon now. I feel somewhat better, but still weak and sick to my stomach. I have spent 4 days with primarily the only company being my pets. I drove all the way into work today, only to discover that I was way too ill to be there and had to turn around and drive the forty minutes back to Philly in torrential rains.

Illness, the short kind from which you recover in a matter of days, is a good reminder of how good things really are. I have had the long-term, life threatening,invasive procedure, lose your job, your apartment and your sanity kind of illness. In contrast, I can be grateful, for this one will surely pass, spending a bit longer than I thought, but moving on...

That said, sometimes my mind wants to burrow into that rodent's nest...all of those irrational, hopeless thoughts that scurry across the background of my mind. I am getting skilled at catching them, trapping them, and releasing them elsewhere. Most of the time, I'm good at that. Then, there is that one thought that gnaws on the corner of my psyche, the "what if," "what if," "what if" rodent that wants to shred my newly built foundation, that wants to eat away at my newly dug posts.

Nope. Sorry. Move along. I will feel better tomorrow or the next day. Just Move along.

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