Saturday, September 18, 2010


The rhythm of my life suddenly seems to sound itself out in the repetitious remnants of my neighbor's music, pounding it's way through my ceiling and running down the back of my mind.

I walked today, slow, mindful steps, step, step, step into Old City. It was a beautiful day, crisp, cool. The day I wished for on all those 110 degree days.

But, there was a strange monotonous feel to my stride. So, then, here is "regular life," where there is seemingly little improvisation. Yet, there is that slow, steady beat that says, "I am alive, here on this beautiful day. I am alive. I am alive. And well. And happy."

Never at peace, it seems. But, perhaps peace is overrated.

The truth is...this steady path announces health and regularity. God knows, I have had little of these in my life at times. So, I should be thankful...thankful for the sure visceral pumping of my heart.

Cause I am well and happy and as far as I can tell so are those around me. Maybe this is peace.

Maybe tomorrow is a day to extemporize.